Women’s Discipleship Ministry


In detail

The Local Lee Women’s Discipleship Ministries (WDM) is a department within the Local Church consisting of the Young Women’s Ministry, Ecclesia and Women of Purpose.

The mission of the WDM is to assist women of all ages in their spiritual growth, personal development, recreation and leadership by encouraging a deeper understanding and relationship in God through worship, fellowship, training and leisure, to enhance our relationship in the home, church and wider community regardless of race or culture.

All strands of the WDM contribute to the general Church ministries as well as supporting and participating in the events coordinated by the Local, District and where possible, the National WDMs such as Women’s Ministries Days, District Retreats and National Women Empowerment conferences respectively.

The Young Women’s Ministry caters for young women aged 12-18years and meets on the 1st & 2nd Fridays each month from 7.30-9pm. Their activities include Bible studies and social skills and activities.

Ecclesia caters for women aged 19-30 years and meets every other week (mid-week) and Fridays as announced sharing cross denominational events including worship conferences and seminars; getting to know each other and building a sense of community and belonging with discussions on various relevant topics.

Women of Purpose caters for all women 31 years and above and meets on the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays each month from 7.45-9.30pm. Our activities include Prayer and Praise, Bible studies, DVD night, Discussions, Lectures on various topics e.g. Domestic Abuse, Health and Financial Matters.

Our community outreach includes phone calls, home visits to the shut ins, accompanying to church, visits to hospitals/nursing homes, prayer meetings and coffee mornings in the homes, donating and contributing as appropriate and running a weekly Senior Citizens’ Social Club etc.

Leader’s Statement

The aim of the women of purpose ministry is to assist women in developing a deeper understanding and relationship with God through worship, fellowship, training and leisure.


Do you feel you have the gift to speak, motivate and inspire others? If it’s a YES, your social skills are highly sought.