Music Ministry

  • We strive for excellence in Ministry.  It is our desire to lead people into the presence of God, through our worship in singing, playing of instruments and dance.  It is there in His presence they can receive healing and deliverance.

    • The Team

      Lee Music & Creative Arts Ministries (MCAM) is made up of the Vessels of Worship (VOW) Choir, Youth Choir, The D C Chorale, Worship Team, Musicians, P A, Drama, and Flag & Dance Ministries. The MCAM is lead by the Minister of Music, Rev. Andrew Simpson and the individual music ministry co-ordinators. All personnel are members of the Lee New Testament Church of God.

    • Worship Team

      The Musicians and Worship Team form a vital part of our services as they inspire and lead people into the presence of God, where they can receive healing and deliverance.

      Sound is managed by our P A  Technicians who monitor the levels of sound going through the P A system, ensuring all can be heard comfortably.

    • Dance + Flag

      Dance and Flag form an integral part of our worship services and continues to grow with more groups emerging, displaying different styles of dance.

      During the year, we have various drama presentations put on by various groups in the local church, which prove to be very entertaining, but also have a strong message.

    • Music School

      The A 0 S Music School which operates from this site, offering music lessons in piano/keyboard and vocal coaching, all at competitive rates. They also offer services to those needing assistance with their groups or choirs.


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